Farming Benefit of Rabbit Farming

Published on April 28th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Benefit of Rabbit Farming

The ways that Free-Range Rabbit farming are more beneficial than Battery breeding

Rabbit breeding at the present is of a couple of types and they are battery farming and free-range rabbit farming. The numerous rabbit breeders all over the world practice both of these forms of farming. Below we discuss a number of ways in which the free-range method is much more beneficial than the battery method.

Some benefits

Among the Benefits of Rabbit Farming is that Rabbit farming that is free range requires the construction of two open-air enclosures and is a great deal more economical than building numerous cages. An area that covers 110 sq. m can provide accommodation to 200 free-range rabbits. It is going to require as many as 25 cages with eight maturing rabbits for each cage for matching the free-range arrangement.

Battery Rabbit farming requires their personal cages along with nesting terrains and this implies ten added cages.

In the battery rabbit business the urine of rabbits has high ammonia content and this is going to put their health at risk on not being cleared off frequently, generally being the cause of snuffles, which is an illness known for its great fatality rate. However, amidst nature, and open-air enclosures having earth flooring, the ground safely soaks up this urine. This is another of the Benefits of Rabbit Farming.

Benefit of Rabbit Farming

Another of the Benefits of Rabbit Farming is that rabbits generate two forms of droppings and they digest a single among these again. It consists of essential nutrients and useful bacteria that are vital for the health of the rabbit. In the cage rabbit business such droppings escape through the network and rabbits can’t access them.

More benefits

Additional Benefits of Rabbit Farming includes the fact that the cage Rabbit farming system has need for additional amount of time as well as labor for cleaning. Foremost, it is vital that you get rid of the droppings that are drenched in urine and lie below the cages in cage rabbit business. Subsequently, the floors as well as cages have got to be disinfected on a customary basis. An open-air arrangement happens to be self-cleaning and the reason is that nature completes the work on our behalf. The urine, like has been mentioned before, drains and all of the droppings get dried under the sun and become inert due to the soil. A single or a couple of occasions in every month the droppings can be dredged up and they’re ready for use in the form of organic fertilizer.

An additional time & labor exhaustive job is definitely the feeding of rabbits and also the maintenance of a stable water supply. Furthermore, the bowls for feeding and also the watering systems have got to be disinfected on a daily basis. As you’re able to visualize, this job’s also a great deal quicker in free-range rabbit farming as the number of enclosures is a single or a couple instead of 35 cages. This is also among the Benefits of Rabbit Farming.

Benefit of Rabbit Farming

Rabbits are animals with negligible sweat glands and thus they have a hard time keeping a cool temperature when the weather gets hot. In cage rabbit business they do not have a way of regulating their warmth and the farmer has no other option than providing cooling systems. On temperatures reaching 30 degrees the sperm of the male rabbit is lessened and gets warped. In open-air enclosures of free-range rabbit farming the rabbits have the freedom of building burrows that have a low temperature and let them flee the heat? This is amongst the Benefits of Rabbit Farming.


Rabbits within cages of cage rabbit business are enormously stressed out, fed up and hostile towards others and this is the cause of more susceptibility to illness, greater food consumption and wounds due to fighting. This isn’t the case with Free-range rabbits and therein lays another of the Benefits of Rabbit Farming.

Benefit of Rabbit Farming

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