Diseases Calicivirus rabbits symptoms

Published on June 13th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Calicivirus rabbits symptoms

Calicivirus rabbits symptoms, causes and analysis

Rabbit calicivirus, another name for which is viral hemorrhagic ailment, is a reportable ailment in a number of sections worldwide. This exceedingly infectious ailment had been primarily reported in the year of 1984 in People’s Republic of China. In 19995, an outbreak occurred and this was in the wake of a laboratory incident and this caused the release of the virus, taking the life of million rabbits within a couple of months and extending to the USA. Calicivirus rabbits symptoms could consist of bleeding from one’s nose, fever, and tiredness and yet numerous rabbits being infected does not display any signs and pass away abruptly.


Unhappily, there isn’t any therapy for this ailment through infected rabbits has the option of supportive treatment. Avoidance is a key feature in the administration of this state and an efficient vaccination for this ailment is on hand and must be discussed with a veterinarian. Now we’ll discuss calicivirus rabbit’s symptoms, causes and analysis.

Calicivirus rabbits symptoms


Calicivirus is a disease that’s greatly infectious and frequently swift acting. Calicivirus rabbit’s symptoms of placid cases are frequently gloominess and loss of hunger. On the odd occasion, rabbits recuperate from this sickness following experiencing such Calicivirus rabbits symptoms and proceed having protection against re-infectivity.  In additionally widespread peracute varieties of this illness the Calicivirus rabbits symptoms could include speedy decline with the development of fever subsequent to infectivity, a commencement of fevers, seizures,  & coma, causing demise within 12 and 36 hours of the onset of such Calicivirus rabbit’s symptoms. A number of other Calicivirus rabbit’s symptoms could be puffiness of eyelids, paddling, and bleeding from eyes. Calicivirus rabbits symptoms could also include the development of Respiratory signs like cyanosis. For such rabbits, regrettably the sickness frequently steps forward to a lethal phase within just a small number of weeks of the infectivity. For numerous rabbits the lone indication is unanticipated, abrupt death.


The calicivirus rabbit’s symptoms in a nutshell are:

·       Loss of hunger

·       Depression

·       Seizures

·       Fever

·       Blue mucous membranes

·       Respiratory signs

·       Coma

·       Passing away

Calicivirus rabbits symptoms


The starting points of calicivirus aren’t wholly understood. However, it’s acknowledged that this condition is the result of RHDV virus.  Calicivirus gets transmitted via nasal, oral, & conjunctival pathways following the rabbit making contact with a stained animal, item / organism. This virus gets dropped through the feces, urine, and respiratory emissions and often gets spread among rabbits by carriers like fleas, flies, mosquitoes & additional rabbits. There is the possibility of the virus being carried on stained items that include food, clothing, and bedding/ water, stressing the significance of strict segregation on a case being suspected.



Your vet’s going to inspect your rabbit watchfully. Frequently with this illness the analysis is done by considering the pet’s Calicivirus rabbits symptoms and additional history that include status of vaccination and disclosure to unwell pets, / rabbits who’ve passed away abruptly. Your vet is also likely to carry out diagnostic tests for the ruling out of additional equally presenting states like Heat exhaustion Septicemic, Toxicity, and pasteurellosis. During post-mortem examinations, pets afflicted with this sickness are normally observed having hemorrhagic lesions as well as clogging of liver, heart, lungs, and additional organs.

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