Care Caring for Rabbits (DO's and DON'Ts)

Published on May 16th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)

The instructions to follow while looking after rabbits

If you are petting rabbits for home or to run farming, you have to provide them a proper shelter to live in. They have to feel comfortable inside their hutch or cage and also feel safe. Along with keeping sufficient foods inside, look after the other necessary factors for their healthy living. In this regard, there are instructions on what to and what not to do that you have to follow seriously.

Here we start on the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts).

Rabbit Farming is a prospective business idea when it comes to starting something on your own. If you have any ancestral house, then you can easily utilize the backyard or garden area to start your Rabbit Farming. Else you have to first think of the required space that is mandatory for starting up Rabbit Farming. Now, on this note it is better to keep in mind, no matter whichever business or profession you choose to take up, there are some rules to follow. Some instructions are mandatory to abide by while starting Rabbit Farming. They are the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts).

The most essential factor in Rabbit Farming is taking proper care of them. You have to ensure a healthy living to them so that they can grow and mate happily. This will help you to expand your Rabbit Farming business and earn profits a well. Among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts) there are a couple of Do’s, which you have to follow religiously while raising rabbits. Also, be careful about not maintaining the Don’ts of the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts).

Caring for Rabbits (DO's and DON'Ts)

The Do’s

The first and foremost task in Rabbit Farming is providing them a shelter. They should feel like they are home, so it is pretty obvious that you have to construct a hutch, which is five times larger than their size. It must have four long legs. If you are unable to build a hutch, then you may opt for buying an appropriate cage as well. This is among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)

Make certain that the flooring of the hutch is strong and made of some hard material so that they are less likely to get the foot injury. This is a very first step in Rabbit Farming that should be ready before you got them home. This is among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)

The second important step is to fix a bowl or a water container inside the hutch or cage. Both the container should be heavy enough and placed at a certain height so that they cannot topple it over and cannot use it to defecate.

A litter box, which is safe for rabbit should be placed inside the cage. You can also keep other toys and stuff inside the cage. This is among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)


The Don’ts

Do not consider placing rabbit’s hutch to a far distant place away from your sight. Since they are very much domestic and home friendly animals, placing them in a remote place might turn out to be unhealthy for them. This is among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)

While running Rabbit Farming, you have to ensure their complete safety. Even if you have used your backyard or garden area for placing their hutch, make sure it is a protective cage for them to stay away from predators.

It is strictly forbidden to not let any strong chemicals or cleaning substance to come near them while cleaning their hutch or even your house.

The last but not the least vital factor in Rabbit Farming is you have to make your house rabbit proof before you let them out in your house. This is among the Caring for Rabbits (DO’s and DON’Ts)

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