Feeds Are carrots good for rabbits ?

Published on July 3rd, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Are carrots good for rabbits ?

Are carrots good for rabbits ?

The great part of keeping bunnies as pets is the fact that you are never going to experience complexity as regards feeding them. Bunnies are vegetarians and they prosper, stay contented and live an absolutely lengthy life using vegetables. They’re regarded as herbivores, and that being said, simply leave a stockpile of hay and a bowl filled with fresh water besides them and they’re going to be fine. “Are carrots good for rabbits” is a question that many homeowners keen on adding that feel of diversity to the diet of their rabbits, have.  On you being among such people and you wondering are carrots good for rabbits and wholly harmless the finest option is seeking the advice of a vet.


Am I able to present Carrots to a bunny?

The answer to be carrots good for rabbits is yet and yet sparingly.

For human beings, there’s constantly that natural inclination to follow what we get to watch on TV and believe it to be a fact and apply it in real life. Just for the reason that Bugs Bunny has had carrots on every single appearance he made on TV does not imply that pet bunny owners have got to go by his advice.

Numerous animal veterinarians & scientists would state that that your pet bunny must always consume hay in the form of their routine meal and diet. Hay ought to be their key food and veggies, mainly green leafy & root ones, have got to be regarded as just supplementary.

Are carrots good for rabbits ?

Before going into are carrots good for rabbits it is vital to know that Carrots, in conjunction with potatoes as well as sweet potatoes, are regarded as root vegetables. Pet bunnies are going find it tough digesting root veggies owing to the existence of multifarious carbohydrates and less amount of cellulose.

Being lagomorphs, it is finest that pet bunnies should only consume hay as well as green leafy veggies as these are not going to cause upset to the homeostasis of their digestive system. The final thing that a pet rabbit owner would wish seeing is their pet bunny pooping out gooey stool.


The reason behind carrots being discouraged as bunny food

Among the key reasons for discouraging carrots for a pet rabbit is the answer to be carrots good for rabbits that states that they are the cause of rabbits developing tooth decay. A fact on are carrots good for rabbits that you must bear in mind is that carrots even on being boiled are comparatively tough to gnaw on when weighed against hay as well as green leafy veggies. The answer to be carrots good for rabbits is that they open the risk of the pet bunny’s possibility of tooth decay and this is detrimental to their general state of wellbeing. On you being among the homeowners, who are fond of having salads, the answer to answer to are carrots good for rabbits is to ensure that you offer carrot leaves and not the top.

Are carrots good for rabbits ?


Carrots also supply much sugar to your pet and this is extremely dangerous. Thus, an answer to be carrots good for rabbits is yes but just as treats and never as meal substitutes.

As to “are carrots good for rabbits” for all of you really enthusiastic on feeding carrots to the pet rabbit of yours, offer a tiny serving of it in the form of treat on alternate days.

The fundamental rule on are carrots good for rabbits as regard their introduction to the diet for your pet bunny is that to do this in your pet being aged 6 months and older.

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