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Published on May 28th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Commercial Rabbit Production

Commercial Rabbit Production 


Factors that affect the Profitability of your Commercial Rabbit Production

In commercial rabbit manufacturing, the disparity between lucrative and unbeneficial is the capability of the fryer rabbits of yours to get to a weight of 5 pounds within a period of 8 weeks from the time of their birth. The reason is that for each single ahead of 8 weeks costs additional money from your own purse as added pricey food for rabbits and cage room that isn’t available for youths/ lately bred doe.


Rabbit farming that‘s commercial involves 5 factors that on being managed well are going to lead to fryers weighing 5 pound within a period of 8 weeks, boosting commercial rabbit production productivity.



Several in commercial Rabbit farming happen to feed an 18% fiber, 18% protein, along with low fat feed of 1.5 – 2% fat.

On a protein of 18% your doe in commercial rabbit production is going to have the nutrients for conceiving and kindling a number of additional kits for every litter and raising them till they reach the weaning age. And18% fiber’s an essential smallest amount for maintaining a well-balanced and healthy digestive tract of rabbits in commercial rabbit production.

The fat level of 1.5 – 2% is of help in being of help in the prevention of unwarranted stocking up of fats in the body of the rabbits in commercial Rabbit farming / commercial rabbit production, while supplying an adequate amount of the vital fats for bodily functions and also for lactation.

Commercial Rabbit Production


First-rate stock in commercial Rabbit farming is going to raise first-rate, quick-developing issue with garbage stock in commercial rabbit production bringing about undersized /patterned results. As a result, it is good if you can acquire the base stock for your commercial rabbit production from any rabbi try having a verified commercial background. A good way of verifying Verify is by asking for seeing records.

For evaluating your current stock in Rabbit farming you have got to weigh the does and bucks of yours. In the event of your grown-up animals in commercial Rabbit farming / commercial rabbit production weighing a mere 8 pounds, you are most likely wasting your precious time with such animals. They’re petite stock and are going to have diminutive offspring. You require no less than a doe weighing 10 pounds and a buck weighing between 9 and 10 pounds in your commercial Rabbit farming.

Weight unaccompanied is not the sole criterion in commercial Rabbit farming/ commercial rabbit production, and the reason is that larger size isn’t always superior. Giant breeds have need of heavy bones for propping up their monster frames. Weighty bones imply less amount of meat and a lessened meat-to-bone percentage, implying, additional waste.

You must attempt to stick with all of the tried and predictable meat breeds; mainly while starting out with commercial Rabbit farming and you’re going to make your possibilities for excellent profitability greater.

Rabbit Husbandry

Supply pellets and also water so that they’re accessible to the kits right on them leaving the nest box in commercial Rabbit farming. A great method is the putting of feed and also water down within feeders low down on cages in minute low down bowls on commercial rabbit production Right on the kits leaving the nest box. It’s better not to wait till they’ve become sufficiently big for reaching j-feeders even for such feeders that are placed low. The sooner you have them on pellets, the faster they will grow.

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