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Published on June 1st, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Some facts on European rabbit breeds

Some facts on European rabbit breeds


 European rabbit happens to be the widespread rabbit, as typically seen. In the middle of the diverse rabbit species the most widespread one discovered is referred to as European rabbit. Another name for the European rabbit is domestic rabbit. Gaining its name from its inhabitant land, this species is currently spread across additional continents that include Africa, Australia, South America, and New Zealand. European rabbit breeds have various features and we discuss them below.



Now check out some facts on European rabbit breeds.

  1. Female European rabbit breeds have a somewhat smaller size compared to their male counterparts.
  2. Females of the European rabbit breeds have a lesser weight compared to their male counterparts.
  3. The European rabbit breeds are the most normally domesticated.
  4. They are herbivorous and they eat weeds and plants only.
  5. European rabbits happen to be enormously communal animals and therefore they reside in massive communities.
  6. European rabbit breeds emit a liquid from glands beneath their chins and they spread this liquid for marking their area.
  7. Within some hours of the reproduction of offspring females mate once more.


Any time that European rabbit breeds sense threat they whack their back feet against the ground for alarming others of the society ahead of fleeing the danger land.

They happen to be all-encompassing species and bring about much damage to crop growing and also the environment. European rabbit breeds are inclined to breed right up to the time when they are aged 6 years.

Some facts on European rabbit breeds


The Neck of European rabbit breeds is supple and weak and helpful to them in rotating their head quickly in all directions. This way they are able to spot hazard as well as food.

Their eyes are fixed high up on their head, which is common feature of all rabbits and this is of help to them in detecting food and hazard from distance.


European rabbit breeds have limbs that are extremely flexible in nature and they are capable of running till a speed of 16mts/sec. These limbs also greatly facilitate the changing of their direction extremely rapidly. They have paws that have claws that are of help to the in gripping the soil and digging also.

They feature four incisor teeth and these are of help to them in tearing off of plant parts. Their molar teeth are of help in grinding of the plant parts.


European rabbit breeds tend to reproduce incredibly fast. This makes it possible for the species to offer offspring more rapidly and add to their species populace, thus letting the species evolve at a faster rate compared to others for adapting themselves in accordance with the ecological changes.

Their name originates from their resident habitat, which is the European continent. This species have a propensity of being additionally active for the duration of the daybreak and sundown. For the other parts of the day they have a propensity of snuggling up in close proximity to foliage lands for refuge from predators. They budge out for foodstuff following dark.



The resident land of European rabbit breeds happens to be Europe.  They are found across Europe. The genus is also present in northwestern part of Africa. Afterward, they got introduced to New Zealand, South America, and Australia.

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