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Published on June 7th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Foster Rabbits

Key facts for those who want to foster rabbits

All volunteer foster parents temporarily aid in looking after one/ additional rabbits at residence until the rabbits are ready to be adopted. Numerous foster parents at several foster homes offer a hygienic, secure, warm setting for destitute rabbits for a time being with the eventual objective of getting them adopted them into caring, permanent covered homes. Foster rabbits are an act that many individuals are keen on. To initiate a temporarily residence for rabbits is a unique way of showing that you relay care for these breathtaking, bright, fuzzy, and enjoyable creatures.


In the section below are some Key facts for those who want to foster rabbits.

All of you who want to foster rabbits please keep reading.


What is the role of any foster volunteer ?·

  • Being a volunteer to foster rabbits you could look after
  • Rabbits with unique medicinal or behavioral requirements
  • Rabbits requiring unique feeding as well as socialization
  • Mom rabbits with nurturing litters (despite the fact that the usual attempt is to have the rabbits spayed prior to this becoming necessary)
  • All such rabbits that have been deserted or discarded in feral settings
  • All of such rabbits whose owners are not capable have or have no wish for looking after themIf you foster rabbits, you offer a nurturing residential setting and mingle them to make them set for everlasting adoption into any caring and warm residence.

Foster Rabbits

What’s your time commitment?

Al those who want to foster rabbits must know that Foster stays could be anywhere between a small number of days, weeks, months / even more, on the basis of the state of affairs. All of homes that foster rabbits match their foster rabbits with the respective foster parents on the basis of individual requirements of any rabbit and the knowledge, inclination and accessibility of their foster parents. Having had become foster parents, such homes request that they try and foster for a period of no less than six months.


What is the number of rabbits that you are able to foster?

If you are to get total pleasure from the fostering experience and if your foster rabbits are also to get the utmost pleasure from it, the general recommendation is that you foster a maximum of four rabbits and no more at a time. It is also mandatory that you have prior experience in rabbit care-taking. Obviously, a number of people are able to and also do foster an additional number of rabbits, the general recommendation is that you get started with an unassuming commitment. This recommendation is very important for all who want to foster rabbits but have limited time, room, or finances. 


What if I’m looking after an indoor pet rabbit for the first time?

All of you who are novices at rabbit care are still able to foster rabbits. The general recommendation for novice fosterers is that they first train with veteran rabbit foster homes / additional Rabbit Advocates volunteers. Another recommendation is that they start off by helping an additional foster home till you gain knowledge of the ropes.

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