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Published on May 20th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Giant Rabbit Breeds

Giant Rabbit Breeds


How to care your cutest giant rabbit

Giant rabbits are a kind of breeds that are bigger in size as the name suggests. They are very adorable to pet at home and needs a larger space than the regular rabbits. Hence while getting them home; you better prepare a bigger hutch ready for their shelter. You also should have adequate space to let it run freely and set up proper bedding inside the hutch.


Rabbit Breeds are something that you should consider before buying for petting or farming.


Now we discuss on the various Giant Rabbit Breeds.

There are varieties of Rabbit Breeds, and each of them has distinct nature and quality. It is always recommended to possess sound knowledge of Rabbit Breeds before purchasing them. Giant Rabbit Breeds is a type of unique Rabbit Breeds that most pet lovers are fond of keeping at home. The actual source of origination of such Rabbit Breeds is from the time of war when they were treated as nothing but a mere source of food. Though there are classifications of the Giant Rabbit Breeds as well, like British or Continental giants.

Giant Rabbit Breeds

So talking about Giant Rabbit Breeds, you must consider some vital factors while petting them or choosing their cage. Since it is about the shelter for Giant Rabbit Breeds, this type of Rabbit Breeds needs a spacious place for living. Hence the hutch should be much bigger than their size for Giant Rabbit Breeds. Make sure that it is divided into two sections for living and sleeping. The living space should be made with a wire mesh at the front so that it allows proper ventilation.  If you place the hutch outside of your house, then it should have overhang roof. To protect it from bad weather or rain, cover the front with a waterproof sheet.


Gian Rabbit Breeds List

  • Flemish Giant
  • Checkered Giant
  • Giant Angora
  • Giant Chincilla
  • French Lop


Space for running

Giant Rabbit Breeds rank amongst the most preferred Rabbit Breeds for petting at home. Hence you have to have enough arrangements for it to live freely. Giant Rabbit Breeds love to run around; hence you must have sufficient space in your garden area or in the backyard to let it run. It will help them strengthen their legs and muscles. So you have to observe its movements throughout so that it does not hop around and cross the boundary or enclosure of the garden. For this type of Rabbit Breeds jumping over three feet height is not a big deal. So be cautious whether the roof of the hutch is properly covered.

Giant Rabbit Breeds

Rabbit bedding

Bedding should be done very neatly for any type of Rabbit Breeds. You may find it expensive to buy it from pet shops, in that case, you could try to construct a bedding yourself. Wood shavings, barley straw, and hay will do good to make comfortable bedding for the Giant Rabbit Breeds. Besides that shredded paper or sawdust could also be used to prepare bedding for Giant Rabbit Breeds. Farm stores or wood mills can be a source of supply of the materials. You have to maintain a good hygiene by cleaning their hutch as well as using disinfectant to keep germs at bay.


Large Hutch size

Such Rabbit Breeds would require a larger hutch size much bigger than them. It will help Giant Rabbit Breeds to move around and be comfortable within their shelter. You can make an assumption of how a giant rabbit would make three jumps and accordingly you can presume the size.

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