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Published on May 31st, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


How Is Rabbit Inspected?

How Is Rabbit Inspected?


Inspection of rabbits and their grading

Whether / iced up, rabbit meat’s sold throughout a calendar year. It is usable in a good number of ways in which chicken’s used. Just as additional lean meat, fish, and poultry, rabbit meat’s a great source of premium protein.


Rabbit breed’s meat has fine granules and a gentle flavor. Rabbits that are on sale in USA as food item are usually crosses of Belgian and New Zealand varieties, Chinese rabbits that are imported, / Scottish hares.

Below we are going to discuss on the young and mature rabbit breeds and on how is Rabbit Inspected?

Young and mature rabbits

Young/ Fryer rabbit — young/ Fryer describe rabbit breeds having a weight of no less than 1 1/2 pounds and hardly ever over 3 1/2 pounds, and an age of below 12 weeks. The flesh’s tender, features a fine grain, and a vivid gleaming pink color. Such rabbits could be cooked in a great deal the identical way as youthful poultry.

Roaster/ mature — roaster/mature describes mature rabbit breeds having any weight, although typically above 4 pounds and having an age of over 8 months. The flesh’s is best described as firm and with a coarse grain and a muscle fiber having a somewhat shadier color and less tender. Its fat could have a creamier color compared to a young rabbit. As the meat of larger rabbit breeds is likely to be tougher the finest cooking techniques are braising/ stewing.

How Is Rabbit Inspected?

How Is Rabbit Inspected?

Now we start our discussion on how is Rabbit Inspected? Under the FMIA, the USDA’s FSIS inspects cattle, swine, goats, and sheep. Under the PPIA, the FSIS does an inspection of “domesticated poultry,” a category that includes turkeys, chickens, geese, ducks, ratites, guineas, and squab.

Congress is yet to mandate inspection of rabbit breeds under FMIA/ PPIA. Thus the answer to How Is Rabbit Inspected? is voluntary/ electable. Voluntary / electable inspection/examination of animals, which include antelope, buffalo, elk, reindeer, migrant water fowl, deer, rabbit, and game birds, is taken care of under “Agricultural Marketing Act.” The answer to How Is Rabbit Inspected is that under voluntary/ electable inspection, all rabbit breeds and their internal organs undergo inspection for symptoms of ailment. The USDA mark of approval guarantees that a rabbit’s wholesome and without any disease.

Any rabbit business not producing rabbit meat abiding by the answer to How Is Rabbit Inspected? mentioned above are going to be subject to FDA check under Federal Drug, Food, & Cosmetic Act.

There’re a number of states though that allow selling of rabbit provided that it has undergone inspection under their regulation.

Besides the question “How Is Rabbit Inspected” another common question is whether rabbi’s graded. The answer is that rabbit breeds could be graded under voluntary/ electable rabbit grading program that the Agricultural Marketing Service of USDA performs. It presents a countrywide grading service on the basis of authorized U.S. standards, classes, as well as grades for poultry.

However, the grading of Rabbits is possible only following its inspection and approval by FSIS, or any different inspection method that USDA approves.

Now you have the answer to How Is Rabbit Inspected? and some other questions on rabbit breeds.

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