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Published on June 6th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Pregnant Rabbit Care

Way of taking appropriate pregnant rabbit cares

On you doe being pregnant you must take more care of her for ensuring that she keeps healthy. In the section below are a number of advices on looking after your doe for the duration of pregnancy. However, first you must check whether your doe is pregnant. Pregnant rabbit care that is proper by the way of appropriate and comprehensive nutrition is vital for your pregnant doe.


Offer your doe appropriate and comprehensive nutrition throughout pregnancy

Your doe’s going to need unique alterations to her diet for ensuring that she’s getting sufficient nourishment and a doe with dietary deficiencies could abandon / reabsorb fetuses.

As she’s carrying additional weight, shed’s going to require additional nutrition for her eating routines. For right pregnant rabbit care supply her with premium food in conjunction with unsullied, spotless infinite quantity of water.


A step in pregnant rabbit care is slowly making alterations to the diet of hers to incorporate foods such as celery, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, and stacks of hay, rabbit pellets, parsley, and tomatoes. Diet having alfalfa in place of grass hay must be started and you must also offer additional amount of rabbit pellets than the normal amount. For right pregnant rabbit care you must ensure that she can access clean water always.

A key fact to keep on mind about pregnant rabbit care is that being pregnant the doe’s body is going to demand additional. Thus, you require mixing the veggies mentioned above into a form of salad and serve together with a bowl filled with water.

Pregnant Rabbit Care

Two days or so ahead of delivery you must less the amount of food without lessening the amount of water. This step in pregnant rabbit care implies that your doe’s possibility of being afflicted by medical problems that include mastitis and ketosis will be less.  In this step of pregnant rabbit care you have to makes the diet lesser by half the standard amount a couple of days ahead of the anticipated birth date.

Once done with, steadily come back to her regular diet and she ought to be her normal self within a period of a single to a couple of weeks of kindling. Below we discuss some added steps in the Way of taking appropriate pregnant rabbit care.


Offer your doe a nest box

This box is the place where your doe is going to deliver and nurse her young. This box is vital due to kits being born nude, sightless, and unable to hear and without the capability of regulating their individual temperature till the 7th day. You can buy this box from any pet store. While doing this for pregnant rabbit care you must make certain that the box is no less than 4 inches more in width and length compared to the doe. You must offer this box to your doe 26 days into the gestation period. And in the event of you fashioning your individual nesting box, make use of sparkling wood and avoid using plywood/ particleboard due to these products containing high level of formaldehyde.


Know the likely problems related to rabbit pregnancy

Another term for forewarned is forearmed and it’s easier for you to thwart problems on knowing what could arise. A key part of pregnant rabbit care is by knowing the problems that can happen in pregnant does.

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