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Published on July 7th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit adoption

Why Rabbit adoption from shelters is preferable to purchasing from stores

So, you’ve come to a decision to get yourself a bunny. You’ve finished all your study. You’ve made your residence bunny-proof. You’ve got hold of a cage, foodstuff, and ample toys. You’ve also thought about a name. However, possibly you’re yet to make the most vital decision, which is where to get your bunny from. Rabbit adoption can be done from the numerous pet stores offering bunnies for sale. On the first glance at a crate filled with sweetly vulnerable baby rabbits, numerous folks are unable to stand firm against the temptation of taking one home on the spot.

Below, we look at why Rabbit adoption from shelters is preferable to purchasing from stores. 


Reason 1

Pet stores bank on the appeal of an immature bunny to trigger fancy buying. Commonly, Rabbit adoption is for keeping a pet for a kid by a grown-up. There aren’t any dependable statistics regarding the number of such rabbits that are abandoned, forfeited to shelters, /die due to inapt care. However, it looks as if many experience such a destiny.

Having a normal lifetime of approximately 10 years, a baby bunny you purchased for your kid while he was aged 8 years ought to still be living while you kid’s preparing for graduating from high school.

This happens to just be amongst the numerous reasons behind Rabbit adoption from any animal shelter being preferable to purchasing one from any pet store/ breeder. The greater numbers of bunnies for sale at pet stores are aged below a year, and for stores that aren’t particularly meticulous, they could even be aged lesser than 6 weeks.

Rabbit adoption

Rabbits that are available at the shelters cover the gamut, as regards the age, from just some months to several years. By picking a bunny having an age that is in line with the time pledge you’re prepared to make, you’re going to save yourself as well as the bunny much adversity. Also, fully-grown bunnies often make better Rabbit adoption choices for novice bunny owners.

They have a behavioral pattern that’s more conventional, and they’re already past their “unruly teen” phase. Shelter helpers are a lot more inclined to be aware of the exclusive traits of the individual bunnies they present compared to pet store employees. This is going to be of great help in avoiding disaster later on, when a bunny that used to be endearing, as a kit turns into a real terror on becoming mature.


Reason 2

Moreover, Rabbit adoption is a great deal more inexpensive compared to purchasing a bunny. The amount that you save on the bunny itself in Rabbit adoption is usually between $20 and 50. A significant aspect of Rabbit adoption as regards cost saving is that you save on the price of getting the animal sprayed/neutered. Despite the fee for this procedure varying very much among veterinarians its least cost will be $100.


Reason 3

Ultimately, Rabbit adoption is a compassionate and principled way of being the owner of a pet that does not contribute to meanness and ignoring. In spite of many bunny breeders maintaining lofty standards of nursing, there are numerous operating as “bunny mills” where the greater numbers of rabbits lead brief, cruel existences. Considering the considerable surplus of bunnies in shelters, there isn’t any reason behind supporting industries contributing to the dilemmas of bunny overpopulation and disregard.

Rabbit adoption does not just save that living thing from euthanization. It also avoids you from being a part of ethically insecure industry.

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