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Published on June 9th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Cancer

A number of facts related to rabbit cancer

The term “Cancer” is referred to a Tumour that’s turned malignant. It can moreover spread fast to different body parts. Rabbits are able to have cancer in every part of the body. It seems that the most prevalent is uterine cancer in does, which is referred to as lymphoma in each of the sexes. Rabbit cancer that is common besides this is interstitial cell Tumour of testes of bucks. The general belief is that household rabbits get cancer as in the natural wild they aren’t made for surviving for as long a period as they do when they are pets. Besides this Rabbit cancer is not as frequent a phenomenon as is in additional mammalian species.


Below, we discuss a number of facts related to rabbit cancer.


Forms of rabbit cancers

Uterine Cancer – This rabbit cancer is also referred to as uterine adenocarcinoma. This rabbit cancer is of uterus and normally affects household rabbits aged above two to three years. The therapy for this cancer’s a hysterectomy.

Mammary Tumors – These refer to tumors of mammary glands and symptoms frequently consist of a mammary swelling. The use of x-rays is likely for confirming diagnosis with treatment often including the cancerous tissue’s removal.


Lymph sarcoma – This rabbit cancer refers to as malignant Tumour present in lymphatic tissue and this can crop up at all ages.

Skin tumors – the more common name for these are fibromas.

Bone Cancer – This is likely to affect a rabbit’s hind legs. Though an X-ray is able to reveal this in numerous cases a biopsy is required for confirmation.

Rabbit Cancer

How do you make out whether your rabbit has cancer?

Frequently, owners are likely to be oblivious to their rabbit having the greater sorts of cancer due to rabbits being prey animals. This implies that are programmed such that they don’t reveal indications of pain. Based on the location of the malignant Tumour, the indications/ symptoms are able to differ.

While at a vet’s place, an x-ray’s done of a rabbit that’s suspected to have rabbit cancer and the tissues that are possibly infected are biopsied. Blood samples could be extracted and also tested and a number of cases could even have need of a CT scan / MRI.


What is to be done for a rabbit diagnosed with cancer?

The options that you’ve before you in the event of your rabbit being diagnosed with rabbit cancer are dependent the form of cancer and the place where it has occurred. If detected early, rabbit cancer is curable. For cancers affecting uterus, a rabbit could be required undergoing a hysterectomy.

Amputating of limbs /body parts that are affected could be essential, once more based on the form of cancer and the place where it has occurred. Additional treatment methods for many a rabbit cancer of differing severity could consist of radiation & chemotherapy.


Can a rabbit with cancer survive?

With all rabbits reacting differently and with all diverse cancers possibly having varying levels of severity, this isn’t any easy question to answer. Moreover, the phases of the cancer are able to have an effect on the prognosis of the animal. Several animals are treatable of the cancer exceptionally effectively and even without any reoccurrence.

Such instances of rabbit cancer generally consist of the elimination of cancerous tissues, and amputation. For rabbits with uterine cancer a hysterectomy is likely to be performed. There are those who could appear as though cured initially with the cancer coming back later. A number of treatments could make the life of the animal longer while not curing the cancer completely.

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