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Published on May 5th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Diseases

Possible diseases of rabbit  >>> Rabbit Diseases

Petting rabbit and using them, as your business is not a bad idea at all. But every business has its risk factor involved. In this case, the threat may appear in the forms of diseases that may kill your rabbits and ruin your business completely. Hence it is always better to educate yourself about the possible diseases that your pets may encounter. It will help you save their lives as well as your business.

Rabbit Farming is a good business option for many people. But before starting it, there are certain factors to know as well as follow.


Rabbit Farming is not an easy job. It is vital that you know how to treat them and most importantly how to take care of them during Rabbit Diseases. So if you want to pet rabbit and grow your Rabbit Farming business, then you better know beforehand what the possible Rabbit Diseases are likely to be. There are many health issues that rabbits commonly face. VHD is the commonly known of the Rabbit Diseases, which people who are into the Rabbit Farming business are aware of. Every disease has its distinct symptoms and treatments hence rabbit owners should understand the common problems for treatment and sustain their Rabbit Farming. Knowing the symptoms of Rabbit Diseases beforehand will help you to start the initial treatments if need be.

Viral Hemorrhagic Disease

It is commonly known as VHD and happens to be a very dangerous problem that your pet may encounter. A virus named calici causes this of the Rabbit Diseases, which leads to affect the main organs of rabbits. The chances of the organs getting affected by it are (30 – 100%), and the infection is so harmful that it kills 90% of rabbits even if it gets caught on time. due to being insurable this is among the Rabbit Diseases that is capable of ruining your Rabbit Farming business very rapidly. Though being a rabbit owner, you may take precautions by getting them vaccinated.

You have to observe the symptoms very minutely while doing Rabbit Farming and petting rabbits. They might occur in the forms of spasms, appetite loss, high temperature, bleeding mouth or bleeding rectum.

Rabbit Diseases


This disease is considered another fatal call for rabbits and threatens to destroy Rabbit Farming business, as insects usually spread it. This disease occurs in many forms, and each of them has their own level of intensity. It often occurs in the form of tumors as well; therefore you have to keep on eyeing your rabbits. To keep your Rabbit Farming healthy it is important to observe them, to figure out which symptoms they are having.

You have to notice whether they are facing any such symptoms like any type of facial swelling, swollen eyes or redness. Or any type of secretion releasing from eyes, genital area is turning red or getting swollen, energy loss, appetite loss or fever. All these symptoms indicate of Myxomatosis, in such cases, you have to immediately contact your vet.

Ring Worm

Fungi cause another of the infectious Rabbit Diseases, which is called ringworm that easily harm them as it spreads through the air. During your days of Rabbit Farming keep an eye on them to observe if they are facing such problems, instances being fur loss in head, feet or in legs, dry skin followed by itchiness.

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