Farming Rabbit farming method

Published on May 14th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit farming method

Rabbit Farming and rabbit farming methods

For fulfilling the food demand of the ever-mounting population, diverse ways of food manufacturing must be found out. Rabbit that are branded as “Micro-Livestock” are able to be a grand method of food manufacturing.


Rabbit farming is something that has a great deal of scope, with commercial production being able to be a grand resource of earnings and also a grand recourse of employment.

Rabbits in Rabbit farming require small area for residing and lesser amount of food.

Rabbit meat consists of high percentage of energy, protein, vitamin, and calcium compared to any additional animal meat form. The extent of fat, cholesterol, and sodium happens to also be less compared to additional meat.

Their meat’s very yummy, wholesome and digestible without difficulty for individuals of all ages. And there aren’t any religious taboos associated with the consumption of rabbit meat. In Rabbit farming Rabbits grow up very speedily and the lady rabbit give birth to 2 to 8 children every time. Though they consume food of low quality and they produce premium quality skin, meat, / fiber. Rabbit farming is able to be a grand source of revenue to all of the unemployed well-read people and farmers who don’t have their own firm. Thus, commercial rabbit farming is able to be a grand resource for fulfilling the food, protein that people require and a grand resource of employment.


Rabbit farming method

Choose a rabbit farming method

Coming to the question of how to choose a rabbit farming method you are able to get on with Rabbit farming in deep litter and also cage rabbit farming method. In the section below we are going to elaborate each of the rabbit farming method.


Deep Litter

This rabbit farming method is apt for all of you who are keen on raising a small number of these animals. Concrete flooring is more fitting for deep litter rabbit farming method. Create litter hay, husk, and straw/ wood shavings having a depth of 4 – 5 inches. In this system of rabbit farming, you are able to raise no more than 30 rabbits within a house. You must keep the males and females in separate rooms. In deep litter method the possibilities of ailments is high. Occasionally, you could have a hard time managing the rabbits in this form of rabbit farming.


Cage Method

Those who are doing commercial rabbit farming are going to gain with this rabbit farming method. In this rabbit farming arrangement rabbits reside in a cage fashioned out of wire/ iron plate. Cage rabbit farming method happens to be incredibly useful for the raising of the greatest number of rabbits. It is vital that you maintain an adequate amount of space and basic facilities, within all of the cages. Keep the male and female rabbits separated from each other. You must also keep them jointly in a detached cage when the breeding period is underway in this rabbit farming method.

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