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Published on May 23rd, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Housing Dimensions

Rabbit Housing Dimensions


Proper measurements for rabbit houses

Building hutches for rabbits are as essential as houses for humans. According to their nature and way of living, there are some measurements to follow, while constructing their hutches. Width, height, depth, flooring, ceiling, equipment are mandatory aspects in their housing system. Hence be careful while building or buying cage or hutches keeping their safety in mind.


Rabbit Housing is an integral part that is non-negotiable if you want to bring rabbits home for petting. Rabbit Housing Dimensions is another inseparable matter as far as Rabbit Housing is concerned. It is because only by assuring the right measurements you can build the right kind of Rabbit Housing for them. Since everybody has a way of living and need certain requirements, so are rabbits. They too need a specific way of living for which you have to be observant about Rabbit Housing Dimensions while building their hutch. Like humans have loads of necessities while buying a home, it goes for rabbits as well. Hence even if you opt for buying a hutch for them, considering Rabbit Housing Dimensions is a must.

Rabbit Housing Dimensions


If you are buying hutch that is readymade from a local pet shop, opt the hutches made of wood and wire combination. In most cases, ½ to 1-inch wire floors of welded steel are suitable; also wires sides of 1×2 inches would go well for most of the breeds. Look for wire floors in hutches for Rabbit Housing, as it would be easier for you to clean up. Make sure to cover up wooden hutches with wires; it would prevent rabbits to chew the bare wood. Rabbit Housing Dimensions is all about taking proper care of each and every measurement for Rabbit Housing. Be cautious about any rough patches of wire should not be left open, as it may cause harm to the rabbits.  Height is a major concern in Rabbit Housing Dimensions; so while planning hutch for Rabbit Housing, try to get eighteen to twenty-four inches in ceiling height. Thirty to forty inches of width and height of the cage is the minimum requirement of Rabbit Housing Dimensions.



While being cautious about the Rabbit Housing Dimensions, there are other parts as well, which you have to look into. Like the equipment facilities, this is an essential requirement in Rabbit Housing. The feeding along with watering equipment should be there in Rabbit Housing. Self- feeders, which are made of metal and masonry feeders, are appropriate for hutches irrespective of the sizes. You may include automatic waters in the hutch also, which are attached from the outside. You have to include nest boxes when buying stuff for your Rabbit Housing. Nest boxes will be needed for the rabbits during the period of kindling. Here also you need to be careful with the nest boxes. They should have eighteen inches of depth followed by twelve inches in width and fourteen inches in height as per Rabbit Housing.


Considering that rabbits are quite sensitive animals, hence they do require some space to be away from a crowd. Therefore as per Rabbit Housing Dimensions, you may customize the Rabbit Housing with a floor area spreading across 1 square foot. Overall they would need around ten square foot areas. The rabbits weighing around eight to ten pounds would require 7-½ square foot area on the floor.

Rabbit Housing Dimensions

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