Housing Rabbit Housing Requirements

Published on May 22nd, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Housing Requirements

Rabbit Housing Requirements


Building a den for your little fur balls

While constructing a hutch for your pet rabbits, you should look into the matter seriously. Since it is not just about building a shelter for them, rather it is more about their safety and comfort. Therefore there are certain factors that are imperative in planning to house for them. Such as the size, ventilation, materials, location matter a lot to prep up for their housing.


Rabbit Housing is the first and foremost important factor when it comes to raising rabbits as pets. They are like other domestic animals that need a proper shelter to live in. Hence if you are thinking to pet rabbit at home, then there are certain Rabbit Housing Requirements, which you have to take in considerations. Rabbit Housing is an integral part of your petting that you cannot negotiate at all since it is about their safety. So to provide them a healthy and protected life you have to make sure of all the Rabbit Housing Requirements get fulfilled.

Rabbit Housing Requirements

The size factor

The size of the hutch is a vital aspect of Rabbit Housing Requirements. It is always recommended to have a plan on Rabbit Housing and build their hutch accordingly. Consider the length at first, which has to be five times larger than their size. Knowing the fact that they love to play around for which they need spacious hutch. So that they can move inside it comfortably, height also falls into the Rabbit Housing Requirements. It should be considered when you want to buy giant breed rabbits. Then you have to be calculative about its movements and jumps it could make while planning for Rabbit Housing. The height should be sufficient enough for allowing them to hop inside, though it is to be considered only for the bigger sized breeds.

The materials

Choosing the right material is imperative when it comes to preparing Rabbit Housing. You must include better quality materials in your Rabbit Housing Requirements so that it can provide the needed longevity. If you place the hutch outdoor, in that case, it has to last longer and be strong enough to protect them from predators. Many rabbit owners prefer to opt for the combination of wood and wires for their Rabbit Housing. It is the qualities of the materials, which will decide how long it will be able to sustain bad weather or other disturbance caused by predators. Hence Rabbit Housing Requirements largely depends on the raw materials of Rabbit Housing.

Rabbit Housing Requirements


When it comes to prepping for Rabbit Housing, air ventilation is a must factor in Rabbit Housing Requirements. Rabbits are delicate animals, and they cannot bear harsh weather or hot temperature. This is why you have to make proper arrangements of ventilation so that they can breathe freely and do not feel suffocated inside. So while building or buying a hutch for the Rabbit Housing, observe minutely that whether or not the ventilation system is sufficient for them.

If you think of Rabbit Housing Requirements a little wisely, then these are not difficult issues at all. All you have to do is be a little cautious and reuse the stuff what you have caught hold of in preparing an ideal Rabbit Housing. On this note, location plays an important role in Rabbit Housing Requirements. You have to place it to a nearby place of your indoor house so that you can be there in need and watch them over. On the other hand, maintain a fair distance to keep your household stuff and chores away from them.

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