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Published on May 4th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Housing

Points to note for taking proper care of rabbits  >>> Rabbit Housing

People love different animals as their pets and rabbits are dear to many of us. If you are going to make a hutch for the rabbits then you need to know a number of points. You ought to give the cute animal proper care and comfort. The living place for the rabbit should be clean and spacious.

Rabbit housing is not that easy as it sounds like. Rabbits should get proper care and comfort at their living place. In these days you will get different kinds of plans for customizing the rabbit hutches. There are some points that you should keep in mind while making a house for the small, cute animal. Rabbit housing plan should be made in such a way that can be easily cleaned and comfortable for the pet.

Rabbit Housing

Make a comfortable living place for rabbits

The size of the hutch should be at least five times broad from the standard size of an adult rabbit. The rabbit-housing plan should be done at the place where you can provide enough space for the animal. When you are making a rabbit-housing plan you should keep in mind that rabbits are charming animals and they love to play. So you should provide them proper space to grow up. Rabbit housing place should be organized in such a manner that can be comfortable for the animal to play and rest.


When you are going to plan for rabbit housing you should never compromise with the material. You should make the rabbit hutch for the rabbits with durable, strong and long lasting materials. These long lasting and strong hutches keep the animal secure. You may get various materials in the market for planning the rabbit housing but wooden and wired hutches for the rabbits are best among all. The hutch should be easy to carry so that you can take the rabbit along with you outside of your room.

When you are making a rabbit-housing plan you should leave a place for designing ventilation in the hutch. The ventilation is very important and necessary for the animals to breath in a comfortable way. You should make it clear that the ventilation is enough to keep the rabbits cool and comfortable.

Rabbit Housing

Items to keep in the hutch

Only making a Rabbit Housing plan is not enough for giving all comfort to the rabbits. You should check the items like place for serving food and water should be there in the hutch. The material in the hutch where you are going to serve the food should be good enough. It should not create any problem to the digestive system of the animal. You should also keep a small place to let the rabbits sleep comfortably in the hutch. You can keep a pad or bedding for your pet to serve the best comfort to the animal. You should also some kits to entertain the rabbits. The rabbits like to play and dig dirt or sand. You can keep a box of sand in the hutch to allow the rabbits dig them.

These points should be kept in mind to complete a rabbit-housing plan. You can give all kinds of comfort to the rabbits in this way.

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