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Published on May 15th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit Nutrition

What to feed to your darling rabbits      >>>     Rabbit Nutrition

Feeding rabbit is an important task while petting them or farming them. Since health is non-negotiable, you cannot take a risk when it comes to the wellbeing of your pets. Rabbit is a delicate pet and needs proper care, to be healthy. Hence you have to take care of their diet and make certain to feed them fresh water, hay, yogurt and other foods containing high fiber and protein.

Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition is a vital aspect when you consider petting a rabbit. Proper healthy meal and a balanced diet are must include in Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition. By only ensuring a good health to the rabbits you can take proper care of them. However, when it comes to Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition it is not that difficult to maintain, as there are lots of suggestions available of what to feed them. Their food range is quite wide and easy as they are the regular foods always found in the kitchen or on the local market. As far as Rabbit Feeds/Rabbit Nutrition is concerned, make sure you feed them food, which can provide the sufficient nutrients they require to have a healthy life.

There are a couple of foods which are full of high fiber and protein, hence while preparing Rabbit Feeds it is essential to count them in.


It is amongst the most vital components that come in the Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition that should be fed them regularly. Timothy hay, leafy grass hay (high-quality), clover hay is good for rabbits as it will reduce their tendency of chewing their own body hair. While planning Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition you should avoid alfalfa hay, since it may cause to affect their health as well as threatens to create bladder stones.

Rabbit Nutrition


Whether you are petting rabbits or running a firm, you cannot negotiate with their health at all. You have to make certain of fair accessibility of fresh water in their cage. Consumption of freshwater from a clean container is hygienic for both humans and rabbits. Hence cleaning the container and changing the water in alternate two days is a must when you consider Rabbit Feeds/ Rabbit Nutrition.

You could use a heavy container or bowl or even water bottle to pour water into it and fix it properly so that they do not run over it.


Another common and most easily available food is yogurt and happens to be as much beneficial to rabbits as it is for humans. Include yogurt in your daily Rabbit Feeds, as it balances out the bad and good bacteria in their body, by decreasing the bad and increasing the good bacteria.

Rabbit Nutrition


Rabbits are very fond of chewing; hence you have to take caution and do not let them chew randomly the electrical wires, furniture or cords. It may turn out to be life threatening for them. On the other hand, the chewing habits of rabbits are beneficial for them to acquire healthy teeth. Therefore to turn this habit into nutritional benefits, you can give them bones from boiled meats, cutting out the bone marrow. You can also include branches of an apple tree in the daily Rabbit Feeds, as it will keep their intestine clean and keep them healthily happy.

Rabbit Nutrition


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