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Published on June 14th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit symptom checker

Some ailments that you can know using the rabbit symptom checker

Rabbit symptom checker is a great way of checking the likely disease that your rabbit is being afflicted with by observing it carefully for symptoms when a vet is not at hand. Having had observed symptoms take out and separate the unwell animals from the others and the section below has a listing of the most universal rabbit ailment / conditions that a Rabbit symptom checker finds out and their treatments.


A Rabbits is subject to an extensive diversity of ailments that are the cause of death or lessen the quality of living for those who survive. The greater numbers of the ailments are avoidable through high-quality breeding as well as management techniques. An animal in good physical shape is watchful and dynamic and features a first-class, even coat with its droppings being rounded and firm.

Below we discuss some ailments that you can know using the rabbit symptom checker.


Abscesses and Coccidiosis

The symptoms defects for Abscesses include swelling beneath the membrane as a result of bacteria. The treatment is draining, cleaning and application of an antiseptic.

Eimeria is basically an inner parasite and it is the cause of an array of dilemmas that consist of dehydration, diarrhea, & lethargy. It frequently is the cause of death. The universal treatment for this is mixing of Sulfaquinoxaline in drinking water. You can find both these ailments in rabbits by using the Rabbit symptom checker online.

Rabbit symptom checker

Ear Canker/ Ear Mange and Enterotoxemia 

A couple of additional diseases that you can check using the Rabbit symptom checker online are Ear Mange and Enterotoxemia.

In Ear Mange a mite chews up the membrane at a side of the rabbit’s ear, causing redness, irritation, and tenderness. An ashen to tan crusty matter builds up within the ear. On observing these at an odd hour make use of a Rabbit symptom checker immediately. Therapy consists of wiping of the ears on the inside and also on the outside along with the head and neck part by the use of mineral oil / ear mite drug.

Relentless diarrhea, lack of fluids, reduced hunger and irregular fur happen to be indications of this state. This state is typically witnessed in rabbits aged between 4 and 8 weeks and its cause are yet to be known. On finding out the ailment after including such symptoms in any Rabbit symptom checker inline you should immediately get in touch with a vet. Antibiotics mixed in water, diets having higher fiber content, reducing trauma within the rabbi try as well as strict sanitation lessen the chance of an occurrence.


Mastitis and Mucoid Enteritis

Mastitis is a sickness that could build up in a nursing doe that is an intense milk producer. Mammary glands puff up, and turn red and hot. Such a doe refuses to look after the young, goes off feed, and builds up a fever and fifers from depression. If a vet is not at hand use the Rabbit symptom checker for checking the disease of a doe having such symptoms. Premature antibiotic therapy is likely to save the life of the does and also of the litter.

Mucoid Enteritis is an ailment that is prevalent in juvenile fryer rabbits. This condition is illustrated as scours, bloat, / diarrhea. Symptoms happen to be extreme thirst, loss of hunger, irregular fur coat, puffy abdomen, and either dropping that are like jelly/ constipation. On observing such symptoms contact a vet and if it’s an odd hour use a Rabbit symptom checker online. Another symptom of this ailment is rabbits grinding their teeth often.


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  1. Cat says:

    My 10 week old rabbit is doing an inward sneeze and has a rattling in chest. I’m thinking it’s Bordetella. I just bought him last week. The breeder said she’d refund me the money but I’d like to save this little guy if I can.

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