Behaviors Rabbit's Sleep Guide All Questions

Published on September 1st, 2019 | Rabbit Farming


Rabbit’s Sleep Guide All Questions

You adopt a cute rabbit and you have some questions. The most important question where do rabbits sleep? Generally people don’t know where they sleep? In nature, rabbits are social animals so they live together, sleep together. Also in nature,  rabbits always will be prey. Therefore, they live together. In this way protected from animals or hunters.

Rabbit's Sleep Guide All Questions

How Rabbits Sleep?

Firsty, I answer that question. After buy rabbit, you could realize that: Rabbits sleep many times in a day but it is short times. Even if they live home, they have instict of protection. You can adopt another rabbit so they feel more safely and sleeps long hours.

Do Rabbits Sleep with Their Eyes Open?

This is the most asked question about rabbits. When they sleep, their eye half open and seem awake. You can understand whether sleep or not. You can look rabbit’s nose and ıf it isn’t wiggling sign to sleep. Rabbits don’t like disturbing while sleeping and they would be afraid.

Do Rabbit’s Sleep in the Dark?

Another detail is rabbits don’t need dark place to sleep. They can sleep all safe places. You don’t have to build dark place to bunny’s sleeping. Example, my rabbit sleep all day when the room is completely bright. However, wild rabbits like night sleeps and your rabbit has that instinct. You must allow to sleep comfortable at night to live long years.

How Long Do Rabbits Sleep?

Healthy and adult rabbits, generally sleep eight between ten hours. Especially nights rabbits like sleeping and they rest better than day. When they awake, will have huge energy. You can play with or buy rabbit toys.

Do Rabbits Snore?

Hard to believe but they snore. If I heard my bunny’s snore, I was suppose they sick. If your pet sleep silent and suddenly snoring, you must check a vet. Because they could have airway obstruction. However, some rabbits breathe noisely. If your vet check and says normal, you don’t need to worry.


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