Care Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

Published on May 27th, 2017 | Rabbit Farming


Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production 


Tips on rabbit farming when the heat is on

When the summer time heat is at its peak, rearing of rabbits can be extremely annoying. Year after year you hear rabbits passing away from sheer heat. Numerous days during the summer there’re temperatures that approach between 80ºF and 95ºF+. For rabbits that are farmed outside within hutch/shady areas this is nothing less than a death sentence.


Rabbit farming temperature that’s the finest possible for is among 50ºF and 70ºF. With the temperatures raising the rabbit’s possibility of having a heatstroke also rises.

Talking about Summer Heat and Rabbit Production Rabbits having thick / lengthy coatings of hair, which are overweight and young / elderly have more risk. Humidity, Temperature, and air aeration are all aspects that have a contribution in heatstroke in rabbits in Rabbit farming. So coming to Summer Heat and Rabbit Production it’s vital to keep a constant check on the rabbits to insure their comfort ability and they never overheat in Rabbit farming. Premature finding of heatstroke and appropriate corrective measures in Rabbit farming could be the difference between their existence and death.

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

First, we’ll look at the symptoms that are going to be of help to you in Rabbit farming in recognizing that your rabbit is afflicted by is en route for getting heat stroke.

Such symptoms are: 

  • Rabbits being completely stretched out with their feet are spaced out wide and tail being limp.
  • Wetness about the nose district
  • Eyes being half shut with rabbits having being in a sleepy/ dazed state.
  • Tongues hanging out with rapid and possibly strenuous breathing
  • Speedy, superficial breathing
  • Being reluctant on moving
  • Refusing to have food/ drink


A key aspect of Summer Heat and Rabbit Production is the health issues that Rabbits that can have due to heat in rabbit farming.

Bucks are able to get sterile in rabbit farming for a number of months on being kept in an excessively heated environment. In such a case it might be 3 months till they recover normal fertility.

They could lose state and consume less amount of food.

Occasionally, the bucks in rabbit farming are going to get into molts and provisionally lose the greater part of their hair.

A rabbit that gets excessively overheated in rabbit farming can pass away due to heat stroke.

Talking about Summer Heat and Rabbit Production the prevention of heat stress’s the key in rabbit farming. Ways of helping your rabbits stay alive in heat consist of a number of matters.

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production is an important topic and below we discuss a number of measures in rabbit farming that can help them keep off the heat.

Summer Heat and Rabbit Production

Ample ventilation

A key aspect of Summer Heat and Rabbit Production is the use of Fans in rabbit farming while ensuring that they aren’t directed straight at the rabbits. Position a chilly, moist towel above a fan that’s directed at the pen of the. With the water evaporating it is going to be of help to you in keeping the coolness of your rabbit. Air circulation’s decisive. Let a fan be there for the circulation of the air. Talking about Summer Heat and Rabbit Production, this measure does more than cool up the area and also helps with the ammonia whiff that is able to amass and get more intense during warm days.

Other measures

Other measures in rabbit farming pertaining to Summer Heat and Rabbit Production are ample shade, keeping of solid ice cubes within a dish all through the hottest times of a day, ensuring that there’s ample space so that they can stretch out for getting cool, and more. For knowing more on Summer Heat and Rabbit Production you must venture online.


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